There was a time when it seemed that Snapchat was the word on every second person’s mouth and a lot of excitement surrounded the social media platform. As the initial hype died down, so did the use of the platform for many digital marketers. However, were we too quick to hop along to the next trend?

In the final quarter of 2019, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap reported that the social media app was used actively by 218 million accounts every day. This constitutes 28 million more active users than the Q1 report from earlier in the year. What does this mean for digital marketing? Well, ample opportunity, for starters. Here are the main reasons why agencies should invest in Snapchat for their clients’ digital marketing.

One – Your Clients Can Foster A Culture Of Engagement Among Their Followers, AKA Potential Customers

Snapchat is a hub of activity. All day, people react to posts by liking or commenting on them. This type of engagement ensures that posts containing the company’s products and services stay fresh in users’ minds.

Two – You Can Use Posts To Promote Brand Awareness 

Not only are your clients trying to sell, but they’re also building a brand. Snapchat allows them to frame their company’s online persona in ways that make it relatable, accessible, and relevant to users. If users start to trust a brand, they become more aware of it, even on other platforms.

Three – Your Client Can Occupy More (Valuable) Space On Social Media Platforms

Most businesses focus mainly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, but there are other platforms out there and they matter too. While active use may seem small in comparison to more popular platforms, the hundreds of millions of Snapchat users are also potential clients waiting to be reached.

Four – Your Clients Can Bring In An Element Of Exclusivity By Sharing Content That’s Not On Other Accounts

Another way to add dimension to your clients’ brands is by creating limited content for them such as behind the scenes footage of their office in action or even bloopers. This brings their users into the fray as VIPs so they start trusting your client more with their money.

The numbers don’t lie: Snapchat is still a formidable player on the global social media landscape. To ignore it means your agency will ignore millions of potential customers for your clients. Expanding your clients’ reach means going where few others dare to sometimes. At Globital, we know all about that. Contact us for all your social media marketing needs.

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