A Brief Isn’t A Brief Without These 4 Questions

Before a successful marketing campaign can be set up, you first need to create a comprehensive, creative brief. This single document will inform all of your team members’ ‒ both internal and external ‒ understanding of the project. When working with a digital marketing reseller in the UK, for example, the quality of the deliverables can come down to how effective the brief is. 

But what makes a brief truly effective? It all boils down to asking the right questions. In this post, we’ll explore the 4 essential questions that every digital marketing agency owner should include in their briefs to ensure clarity, alignment and success.

1.  Why?

The first and most crucial question in any brief is, “Why?” This question sets the stage for the entire campaign. Understanding your client’s goals and objectives is paramount. Are they looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, boost sales, or something else entirely? 

Knowing the “why” behind their campaign allows you to tailor your strategies and tactics accordingly. By aligning your efforts with the client’s ultimate objectives, you ensure that every action taken is purposeful and results-driven.


Ask The Questions You Want The Answers To

Are you giving your clients the prompts they need to give you the information that YOU need to deliver on their project? Watch as we give your agency 5 essential questions to ask your clients when it comes to copywriting briefs.


2. Who?

The “Who” question delves into the target audience. Your client’s products or services cater to a specific demographic, and understanding that audience is crucial for crafting a successful campaign. You need to know who your client’s ideal customers are, their demographics, interests, pain points, and online behaviour. 

The more precise your understanding of the target audience, the more effective your marketing strategies will be. Are you targeting millennials, baby boomers, or Gen Z? Do they prefer Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok? Crafting messages and selecting the right platforms becomes a breeze when you have a clear picture of “Who” you’re speaking to.

3. What?

“What” is all about the specifics. What deliverables are expected? What is the budget and timeline? What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will determine the campaign’s success? 

In your brief, outline the content types, ad formats, and creative elements that will be used. A detailed overview of the project’s scope ensures that everyone is on the same page and minimizes misunderstandings down the road. Additionally, clearly defined KPIs will help you measure the campaign’s performance and make necessary adjustments.

3. When?

Timing is critical in digital marketing. “When” encompasses not only the campaign’s start and end dates but also the timelines for individual tasks and milestones. Create a detailed project schedule, taking into account any seasonality or special events that might impact the campaign’s performance. Setting a realistic and well-structured timeline helps your team stay organised, keeps the client informed, and allows for timely adjustments if necessary.

Effective briefs not only save time and resources but also set the stage for remarkable digital marketing success. So, remember these 4 questions and start creating briefs that pave the way for winning campaigns.

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