Thanks to COVID, digital agencies in the global marketing industry are no longer able to forge full steam ahead within a fully operational market. For many, this unsettling time has caused some struggling agencies to settle on the COVID blame game while leaders in digital marketing, like SEO Resellers UK have opted to rather change the game.

When The Pandemic Changed The Online Marketing Game, Game Play Had To Change

For those agencies who’ve experienced a loss in business, for those on the brink of closing, the blame game is a losing one.

From the moment the pandemic hit, and business became not so usual, leading digital marketing agencies set out to change their business gameplay. It was a proactive response to regulations and lockdown restrictions which, they knew, would affect the digital marketing industry in a way that most marketing agencies could not predict. While others blamed the virus for their lack of business, plummeting profits and now-blurred vision of a once-thought-of-as-hopeful future, leading agencies set on changing their businesses for the better and used this virus as a motivational catapult to build up their agencies.

COVID-19 became a point for marketing agencies to pivot their business to higher levels of operation and success, to work on the company and reflect on its internal elements when there was no client’s brief to work on.

In a positive light, when last did the economy or the industry allow digital agencies to spend time on the business itself. When last did your agency enjoy its own company? When last did agency owners spend time on creating ways to enjoy agency success instead of the success of their clients? When last did agencies spend time on their own marketing as they have focused on the marketing of others? When last did they have time to assess their own online reputation and growth with most of the time tracking and monitoring others? When last did agency owners stop to see if their companies were reaching goals set out years ago when all they’ve done is aimed to reach the goals of their clients?

Why Wouldn’t You Change Your “Blaming” To “Changing”?

It’s been a long time, right! When this time offers every single agency, and it’s management the benefit of present focus and future growth, why wouldn’t you change your blaming to changing? Sure the current marketing game has changed, but gameplay also has. And this is what we at SEO Resellers UK did, we changed, and are still changing. We’re focusing on the present moment as much as possible to plan and prepare for the future.

By taking responsibility for your inaction to change and action to blame, you’ll set off on a new journey to regain control of your company and let it regain a new momentum of success and possibly an even brighter digital future.

How SEO Resellers UK Started To Change Its Game

– We kept our spirits up and rallied as a team. From management, we never showed concern, lack of hope or loss of faith to our employees, but passed on our unwavering belief that as a team, as a company, we would survive this pandemic. We inspire your agency to create team spirit and to maintain a sense of positivity, driving hope and positivity from top management down to each and every employee.

– While employees worked from home, we increased our communication with every department and every employee through the employment of new and existing communication platforms. We continued to stay connected which indirectly motivated every employee to remain busy, to have something to chat about, to create something newsworthy to relay to others within the team.

– While workflow into the business quietened down slightly and communication from our clients simmered down, we used this lack of communication to propel us to create new communications with potential clients and audiences. Communicating less with current clients meant we could communicate more with new ones, and so we did.

– We bolstered our online presence by spending more time and effort in our social groups. These groups set out to educate those within the industry and share our skills, and with this came an enhanced brand awareness.

– We focused on current products and decided to bring new products to the market to extend our service portfolio.

– We focused on employee training and improving our staff complement so that they were ready to handle an increase in work which we knew would come in the future.

– We also connected with old, paused clients and took the time to communicate with them once again to see if this renewed engagement would bring about enhanced workflow from those clients who remained in the shadows.

If your agency is struggling, rather change your gameplay. Contact SEO Resellers UK and let our white label digital marketing agency help yours to not only survive during COVID-19 times but thrive.

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