How many emails do you receive everyday? How many of those do you actually open? There are many factors that influence the way we respond (or don’t) to the content in our inboxes. Who the email is from, what time it was sent, and what’s in the subject line. People pay attention to things that they regard as important. If you send a marketing email without a subject line or with a poorly worded one, you could miss a crucial opportunity to reach and convert a lead to a client. Believe it or not, short copy is more difficult to write, because you have fewer characters to get to the gist. In this blog, we share our favourite tips for crafting punchy and effective subject lines.

One – Create A Profile Of Your Client’s Audience Using Your Market Research

You can’t write a subject line if you have no idea who’ll be reading it. Doing some research can help in this regard because knowing your client’s audience gives you insight into the language that resonates with them.

Two – Speak Directly To The Reader In An Easygoing Tone

Using personal language and a laid back tone makes the reader feel comfortable like they would if they were speaking to family or a friend. Include personal touches, such as each customer’s name in the greeting. This can be automated with tools such as Mailchimp, so you won’t have to struggle manually.

Three – Ring The FOMO Alarm

A sense of urgency is key when it comes to email marketing. Tell them the product is flying off the shelf or give a deadline for sale prices. It creates more demand by presenting the perception of high demand. 

Four – It’s All In The KISS (Keep It Short & Simple)

With the widespread use of mobile phones, you don’t have enough characters for lengthy lines. Get to the point and don’t be shy to use appropriate colloquialisms and puns to capture your clients’ audience’s attention.


All caps can easily be interpreted as scolding, so just don’t do it. The last thing you want is to offend the readers by shouting at them before they even open the email.

Email marketing gives businesses a platform to nurture personal relationships with clients and potentials. While the ultimate goal is to improve conversion, it’s important to remember that there’s a complex individual on the other end of the message. Speak with them in a way that creates trust – the rest will follow. 

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