Go Supernova – Keep An Eye On This Emerging Platform In 2023

A new application has just been released on Android and Apple app stores, dubbing itself an ethical alternative to the social platforms we are used to.

Dominic O Meara, a British entrepreneur planning to take on these tech giants, has designed the emerging platform Supernova so that most advertising proceeds go to charity. It is targeted at Millennials and Gen Zers who prize higher-minded principles. If successful, the app should give Facebook and Instagram a fair run for its money with its inclusive social network strategy, prioritising user safety at its heart.

Social media outsourcing for small businesses could be the key to unlocking the app’s fresh take, changing how advertising is used by helping end-users and businesses see how and where their actions are making a difference.

What Is Supernova? 

Supernova is a social media platform aiming to prevent toxicity with strict protocols and encourage a positive, inspiring, and life-affirming experience while interacting with friends. Users can expect to enjoy a digital environment free of hate, racism, homophobia, and extreme politics. It will not appeal to everyone, which is precisely the point. The platform will hand over 60% of ad revenue to global charities, distributing the money according to user preference.

How It Works 

The mechanics will work similarly to Instagram in that users will share photographs and video content and can leave comments on other users’ shared content. Users can send direct messages, follow or be followed, set accounts to private, block unwanted users, and explore the sea of content. So, what are the underlying differences to other platforms?

The differences lie in the mechanics, with users being able to nominate their charity of choice in their profile. Likes will act more like votes. If a post is liked, the user’s charity will receive a portion of the fund in the donation form. Superlikes, or Supernovas, mean that the post gets 10x the regular like in votes for the cause at hand.

Supernova will also include a groups section where users can hang out collectively in one spot on the platform.

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How Ethical Marketing May Entice Agencies

Doing the right thing will always benefit businesses and their PR. The idea goes against brands supporting potentially harmful ideations, moving away from old toxic orders to something more supportive and inclusive. Youth generations care about supporting brands that prioritise others’ interests over their own. As an agency, joining a platform that supports the majority of advertising donations steering toward charities in need rather than multi-billionaire giants’ pockets seems like the right move.

Harnessing new platforms that support ethical and inclusive intentions is a great way for agencies to ensure they are moving in the right direction. Outsource digital marketing resellers to assist you with testing these innovations.

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