How to Nail Your Client’s Brand Voice in Copywriting

Crafting high-quality content that resonates with your clients’ target audience is a game changer when it comes to propelling their growth. But the secret ingredient isn’t just the content itself—it’s how that content is written. 

Diving deeper into brand voice is pivotal for any digital agency that wants to outshine its clients’ competition. If your clients outsource copywriting to you, how can you do your best to help them perform?

In this blog, we share top insights about how to nail your clients’ brand voice in copywriting. Visual learner? Watch the video instead.

Nail the Tone Every Single Time

Every brand has a distinct tone. Whether it’s empathetic, enthusiastic, or witty, understanding and replicating this tone is integral to the content’s overall success. When the message aligns with the brand’s authentic voice, the result is compelling, trustworthy content that genuinely connects.

Essential Words & Phrases: Your Arsenal

Just as an artist uses specific colours to paint a portrait, your agency needs to incorporate specific words and phrases that not only address pain points but also resonate emotionally. SEO perks aside, these cornerstone words evoke emotions and inspire actions.

Structure: More Than Meets the Eye

Is your client’s brand all about impactful short sentences, or is the preference weaving a narrative with longer ones? The structure of the content, largely influenced by the target audience, plays a pivotal role in keeping the readers engaged. And remember, regardless of the chosen structure, clarity is key.


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Punctuation & Emojis: Trending but Tricky

Your brand’s voice is also shaped by subtle elements like punctuation and emojis. While a minimalistic punctuation approach might appeal to Gen Z, it’s vital to ensure consistency across all platforms. And emojis, though fun and universal, need to align with the brand’s strategy and values.

Seamless SEO Integration

Digital agencies know the power of SEO. While integrating keywords is essential, they should weave naturally into the content. With platforms like Globital offering top-notch outsourced copywriting solutions, integrating brand voice becomes an easier, more efficient task. If done right, this dual approach not only boosts SEO but also ensures brand consistency, which in turn builds trust with the audience.

Your agency’s mission is to craft copy that not only ranks but resonates. Understanding and implementing a brand’s unique voice is instrumental in achieving this. If you’re looking to up your game, consider partnering with experts like Globital for unparalleled white label digital marketing services.

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