So, you own a digital marketing agency, and a client approaches you asking you to write all their copy. It means creating blog posts, web content, emails and social media content.

Do you turn them away? Absolutely not, as it is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your horizons and also add to the services you currently offer. I mean, how hard could copywriting be after all? You are almost sure that someone on your team of graphic designers, SEO specialists or web developers can take on this task. We have all written an essay at some point and have been writing emails for years, so why not give it a go?

Here are a few good reasons why copywriting should be left to the copywriters.

Leave It To The Pros

The sooner you realise that not everyone is a copywriter, the sooner you can put the call out for a pro copywriter to get involved in churning out the quality of copy content that you need for your client’s campaigns.

Much like accountants or medical doctors, copywriting is a specialist niche that can take years to practice and even longer to perfect. Copywriting is a passion and just as a copywriter wouldn’t attempt to build a website; a web developer or SEO pro has no business attempting to write a blog…not if they want it to achieve the intended goal, anyway.

An Acquired Skill

While copywriting on the surface may just seem like the ability to craft a bunch of flowing words into a sentence that makes sense, great copywriting is actually quite complex. The copywriter needs to be clear about the audience they are writing for, what the topic they are writing about is and what the intended purpose of the content they are creating is for. And just to make the task even more intricate, they need to keep this all in mind while creating blocks and blocks of text for one different client from a different industry after another.

And then there are the different styles of copywriting that they need not only to learn, but master. Some content is written to inform. Some content is written to sell. Still, other content is written to motivate. Getting it all right is not a simple task.

Each one of your clients is different and what may be acceptable for one of them might not be for another. Working hand in hand with your copywriter while they chip away at your client’s campaigns, especially over some time, will allow both of you to learn each clients’ needs and preferences down to the nitty-gritty details of grammar and punctuation, style and intended purpose.

So, if your digital agency needs a copywriter, but you’re not quite keen or at the point to employ a full-timer, get in touch with us today and tap into the expert team of writers that we have built especially to support digital agencies like yours.