SEO is a scare phrase for a lot clients, with urban legends of huge costs and, unfortunately, a plethora of poor copywriting dedicated to the SEO deity. Brand content needs SEO but above all else, it must appeal stylistically and/or intellectually to your client’s target readers. Without the latter, your clients will lose their readers in three seconds. Creating the correct balance is not difficult and it will drive up your client’s conversion rate.

Why is content important and how to create the perfectly balanced content for your client?

Do You Need A Guru In A Digital Cave?

Outsource SEO copywriting is not about writing superficial drivel and splattering it with keywords like sprinkles on a cupcake. Keywords should be carefully selected, but should be delicately applied.

In fact, if you are writing a high-quality, honest and relevant article that discusses your client’s audience’s current topics then you have already created a good SEO article for your client. Verify the phrases you have used against search engine traffic and tweak where necessary. You are immediately ahead of the competition – your agency and your client that is..

How Your Client’s Website Should Handle SEO Traffic

Your carefully crafted, information SEO copywriting has driven traffic to your client’s website.  Your client’s sales funnel is filled because of this. Their website must now kick and do its share of the load.

Does your client’s well-crafted landing page tell their interested audience immediately about the problems they solve?

Is it clear, brief and of contemporary design? A 2001 Powerpoint type website will destroy your client’s brand, as will a super complicated website with so many bells and whistles the client’s audience becomes blinded.

Their website content is not about what you like. It is 100% about what your client likes.

So you have now checked your client’s website and it is revving and ready to receive SEO traffic. Excellent.

Write, Test, Write Again.

SEO is not a magic wand that heals all digital ills. It is important to test different versions and styles of SEO copy and see which drives the best results for your agency’s clients.

One test methodology is called A/B testing i.e. you test two versions of a blog and see which performs the best. This means you would perhaps try out two different headlines on two very similarly worded articles. Over time you look at the traffic figures, the clicks, the conversions etc.  The conversions are, however, subject to the effectiveness of your client’s website and the follow-up on website contact. You can test page title, article title, length of article, content design (text, images, or video) and content structure (HTML headings, sections and subsections, overall better readability)

An alternative to A/B testing is to simplify it to make staggered and documented changes over time.  Match up the performance metrics to the tracked changes. A/B testing is of course the better of the two options for your clients.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are often only seen a ‘hip’ requirement or as filler content. This is very far from the truth. It can attract algorithms and generate organic traffic, show thought leadership or provide value to your client’s audience.

Longer, informative content definitely wins over short, superficial “10 top tips” blog posts. The quality of your client’s brand message matters a lot here. Your client’s brand voice must work cohesively with the rest of your client’s web copy. If not, their visitors will be left feeling confused and uneasy. Where there is the disjointed feeling, your client will cause the loss of trust. Their audience will not trust the integrity of the knowledge and the ability of the company to consistently deliver on their promise.

If you would like to improve traffic to your client’s website, talk to us today about SEO research and creating perfectly balanced outsource SEO copywriting that is informative, entertaining and SEO optimised.