You simply cannot find success as a digital marketing agency in today’s online savvy environment if you aren’t keeping up to date with the trends in website design and optimisation. In other words, you can’t do your job without knowing what consumers are going to expect from your client’s website! At SEO Resellers UK, we pride ourselves on being on the up and up – we pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t and where the market is exploring next. Staying on top of digital trends and website optimisation is a vital part of earning your place among the best Outsource Digital Marketing Agency.

Optimisation Trends For Websites In 2021

Want to know what your client’s customers are going to expect? Well, in a nutshell: dark mode, mixed media, high page speed, 3D elements, and a keen focus on user experience. 

Here are the trends you need to be aware of:

  • Dark mode functionality
  • Demand for ultra-fast website loading times and page speeds
  • Lazy loading and infinite scroll that leverages smart content loading to increase user experience
  • Personalised content that reacts to geolocation and browsing history
  • Progressive lead nurturing that is built into the CRM
  • Humanised chatbots
  • Voice-activated interfacing
  • Improved accessibility that is inclusive and functional
  • Value-adding interactivity
  • New VR Functionality
  • Micro-interactions and user journey prompts
  • Micro animation that offers an organic and immersive user experience
  • Thumb friendly mobile navigation
  • Smart videos that serve a purpose (in other words, not simply having a video for the sake of it)
  • Visualisation of data and information (think infographics and interactive charts)
  • Interactive and Static 3D content that loads smoothly
  • Frosted glass effects

All of these features affect the efficiency of your client’s website and, therefore, the likelihood that their customers will use it, return to it, and be converted to sales. Make sure that you also take into account the various SEO trends that will impact business and incorporate it into your website strategy.

Glow Up: Transform The Way Your Digital Agency Delivers

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