When it comes to digital marketing, scaling is key. To scale, digital marketing agencies need to make use of the best marketing tools and systems in place to boost productivity. As leaders in the field, we’ve put together some recommendations for those seeking the best in digital marketing tools and productivity software.


When it comes to different marketing divisions, having project management software that allows for seamless collaboration is the best option. With Trello, social tasks are kept track of, freelancers are kept in contact with, and content and marketing projects are managed efficiently.

Google Drive

For agencies with multiple clients and resources, Google Drive should be their go-to for storage and collaboration. Here, agencies can organise documents, files and share these with freelancers and clients. Free of charge for the basic option, Google Drive is both easy to use and boasts editing and privacy capabilities. As the best content marketing storage system, we highly recommend Google Drive.


GIving digital marketing agencies control over their social media management, the social dashboard from Hootsuite saves money, time and maximises productivity. Hootsuite comes highly recommended.


Digital marketing agencies will do well to bring Canva into their processes and systems. Whether for constructing graphics on blogs, sharing graphics via social media, or spreading memes and infographics online, Canva is easy to use and effective.


When it comes to an email marketing management tool, digital marketing agencies need MailChimp. With a multitude of features, the free version allows agencies to send up to 12 000 emails and provides marketing teams with templates, contact forms, sharing buttons, and analytic tools.

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