Whether web design and development; sales; SEO; PPC; content creation and copywriting or social media management, finding clients to which you can offer your services all start with your marketing department. Right? Wrong.

It actually starts with each and every employee working within your digital agency. Sure, while working in other roles and not specifically sales, every person can do his or her part in bringing on new clients and expanding your agency.  Yes, you have a dedicated marketing department or sales teams that sell your product like hotcakes, but in times where everyone is a digital marketer, and the industry is flooded by agencies like yours, you need everyone in your workforce arsenal to get those clients in.

Here, we don’t mean cold calling or going on boring sales courses. No. It means everyone should first have a passion and love for the agency they work for. And we mean the same love held by the owner. This love and desire for the agency to grow will show itself in the form of enthusiasm and service belief in communication with current or new clients. Imagine your workforce believed in your digital agency so much that naturally, without even trying, their communication with clientele would result in upselling? Imagine it would result in a new client asking for one service but ending up booking a whole group of services? Imagine if one employee made this impact – what would this mean for your business?

To Sell Well, Your Workforce Has To Know Every Product

To sell something, you have to believe in it. To believe in it, you have to know it. How many people in your agency know all of your services and products – and we mean, inside and out. Probably few, right? Actually, let’s dig a little deeper. How many of those within your marketing and sales team actually know the product they are selling? If your answer is a disappointing one, it’s time to introduce your sales team and every person in every department to your agency again.

You Can’t Fish And Once Hooked, Pass Off The Rod

Why? Well, because you can’t have a sales team that sets out the fishing line and once getting a bite, then hands the fishing rod over to someone else who actually knows what the fishing is all about. Every person, whether in sales or not, needs to know every product from the ground up!

Of course, you can’t expect the sales and marketing team to perform the role of technicians who develop campaigns and strategies, but you certainly can train your team to work closely together so that when one team has a question, it’s a seamless handover to a friend in another team to carry on the conversation on their behalf.

If They Know What They Selling, They Will Know Who To Sell To

When every individual knows every product, they’ll be able to assess if they’re selling your digital marketing services to the right people. Wasting time trying to sell marketing services to the wrong audience is like selling ice to Eskimos – pretty pointless. This brings in the sales pipeline. Sure, you’re sending out those emailers, you’re making those cold calls, but if the potential clients in your pipeline are not the right fit for your agency, you’ll be selling until the cows never come home. Make sure those automated mailers and marketing efforts are headed towards guaranteed leads, or else you’ll be wasting a lot of time, energy and marketing money.

And then of course there’s the problem that few digital agencies have the luxury of resources internally that have the time to ensure that everything they do results in a sale or sign up. If that’s a situation that you’re in, and you need some resource support to free your internal resources up and get them more focused on providing a sales-driven result, please get in touch with us today. Let’s discuss how we can support you with a white label and outsourced web design and development, SEO, PPC, content creation and copywriting or social media management.

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